Monday, August 08, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Over the weekend my family spent some time with out-of-state extended relatives we don't often see. We were chatting about what my girls are up to these days, how old they are, how big they've grown. I told my aunt about Genevieve's kindergarten-readiness program she's attending right now, going to school four mornings a week for three hours at a time, as a way to help prevent major separation issues when kindergarten actually starts. The first week was a little rough. She did fine in the beginning, but by the final day, Genevieve was worn out and teary, begging not to go. I had to drop her off and walk away even though she was crying.

My aunt and I talked about how this program is good practice for her, getting used to such a big transition: being away from home and away from mama for half of every day. And then my aunt added that it's good practice for me, too. I guess she's right.

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