Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's Pink; It's an Oreo. Win-Win.

So, yesterday I brought Genevieve to pre-Kindergarten in the morning. She didn't look thrilled to be there, but she didn't cry either, so that's an improvement upon previous similar experiences. Julia and I were going to the grocery store after we dropped her off, so I asked Genevieve if there was something special she wanted us to buy, to have at lunch after pick-up, as a special treat for the first day of pre-K. She said pink cookies.

Turns out, Oreo has a new cookie out, pink in the middle and called Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos. Um, yes, those will do.


Thankfully, Genevieve's morning went fine. She was quiet and tired when we picked her up at lunchtime, but smiley and happy. She said she liked everything, and she was proud that her teachers served the snack donation we had brought that morning. Oh, and the storytime book was The Cat in the Hat. Gotta love those awesome teachers.

In other news, I spent the entire afternoon getting a specialty MRI in a nearby metro suburb. This included driving directly into a very scary storm, complete with black, raggedy clouds, sheets of rain, and tornado sirens blaring. Did I mention that it got so dark that I could not read my directions? And that I had to pull over on a highway? After all that, the MRI itself was quite relaxing. In a sad "this is the only relaxation time I get all day" sort of way. I mean, I got to lie still for 40 minutes in the middle of the day. Holla!


Rita said...

HAHA! MRI = Spa Day.

Now, is this for your hip? You poor thing!

Shannon said...

Rita: Yes, my hip. Sigh. Running injury that has been nagging at me for 2 mos. now. My docs can't figure out what it is or what to do about it, so we're hoping this MRI will give some answers about what's going on the the muscle tissue and cartilage. It's frustrating and ridiculous to have a running in jury for 2+ mos. I'm so jealous of Susan and all her running!