Monday, August 22, 2011

Mama Style: Sprucing Up for Fall

If I buy the shoes, I'll automatically get the hair, right? No?

As much as I'm famous for dreading the end of summer, I have to admit that every year the beginning of school brings out a pleasing sense of renewal. Oh, and I don't mean just for my daughters. Procuring all my girls' necessary school supplies and new clothes stresses me out, but each year at about this time I do enjoy sprucing myself up a bit. There's something about a new school year that just begs for a little infusion of grown-up preppy.

Every end-of-summer I make myself feel better about the beginning of another school year by treating myself to a few wardrobe pieces that revitalize what I already own and give my mood and appearance a little lift as I shepherd my girls into September. I've learned that just like stay-at-home mothering is a real job, it also deserves a work wardrobe. After all, you're not going to make a great impression on your child's teacher if you show up to Open House in wrinkled shorts and a tee you last wore camping. You're a competent, capable mom; you deserve to look the part.

Similarly, the pants will make me this tall, yes?

The other day I ordered some slim, cropped chinos from J. Crew, perfect for the whole summer-info-fall season of back-to-school night and the school bus stop and volunteering in the classroom. (I've been without chinos that fit for over a year, people!)

I'm good for bright scarves and lightweight cardigans and boots, but I've saved my perfect handbag to bust out in September, when we're done with the muss and mess of the playground, the soccer field, the pool. I've got my eye on a great pair of suede driving mocs to replace my beloved cheap-but-stylish-and-comfy Isaac Mizrahi for Target pair from four years ago, which I've worn so much they've developed a hole in the toe. I'm poised to finally book the salon massage and pedicure I've had a gift certificate for since last Valentine's Day, and maybe I'll get my brows and lashes done while I'm at it.

What about you? What are your favorite fall pieces -- or beauty treatments -- for life as a busy mom? Do you buy anything for "back-to-school" for yourself? Or do you save your cash for the members of your household who will grow out of those new mary janes by November?


Daisy said...

I buy back to school clothes - I'm a teacher! I'm starting a new job this year, and the dress "code" is a bit more formal than my last school, so I took my fashion consultant (24yo daughter) with me to the consignment stores. Great success! 6 brand name blazers/ jackets for $60.

Rita said...


Also? I cannot believe you've had the willpower to save your new handbag all summer. You are STRONG!