Friday, August 19, 2011

Neglect: It's the New Style.

It seems I have given up washing my hair. Not to alarm you.

So, the good news is, my mom is being discharged from the Mayo hospital later this morning and my parents are heading home to northern Minnesota. My mom's surgery went well, the tumor was completely removed, and there was no other spreading of the cancer. The bad news is, I have fallen so far behind on my life that even basic hygiene like washing my hair has become optional. I mean: does it involve feeding children or keeping the cat alive? No? Then it can wait.

My new style statement: the Family Medical Emergency Updo. It involves unwashed hair, dry shampoo, and a hair clip. Go me.

"But Shannon," you say, "the emergency is over; can't you shower now and attend to the most basic of all grooming tasks?" Well, one would think that, wouldn't one? But then one would be forgetting the fact that I have no groceries, a pile of neglected work a mile high (figuratively, of course), two children who need attention, the remnants of one child's birthday to put away/clean up, dry flowerpots, untouched school-shopping lists, our CSA farm-share to pick up, nothing cooked for real meals (as opposed to Goldfish crackers and PB&J), my psychologist's license renewal to complete, book rewrites to do, ABC Summer to revive, bed linens to change, and a body that needs, ahem, some exercise before it forces me to pack away my swimsuit prematurely before the city pool closes for the season.

Of course the good news is far more important than the bad.

But still.


Rita said...

My goodness, sweet girl, you've been through the wringer.

Hang in there.

Daisy said...

I understand - better than you can imagine! The stylist at Cost Cutters asked their policy question "Have you washed your hair in 48 hours?" and I honestly had to think about it. TAke care of yourself: really.