Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Treadmill

My day so far:

Get up at six a.m. to work -- I have a lot to do today, including overdue rewrites on my upcoming book.

But first: Feed the cat. Feed the children. Supervise a project with my daughters after breakfast. Help with a craft kit one daughter wants to do. Empty the dishwasher. Clean the catbox.

Realize I'd better blanch and freeze those fresh-picked green beans from Friday so they won't go bad before we can get to them. Do so. Remember I still need to turn out the frozen cups of homemade tomato sauce from yesterday into a freezer bag. Do so. See the large zucchini from farm-share pick-up and decide I should quickly make some whole-grain zucchini muffins for healthy snacks for my daughters; otherwise the zucchini will probably go bad before I can use it. Make the muffins while blanching the beans.

Supervise daughters' morning chore completion. Sweep the floor in the master bathroom. Do physical therapy stretches (well, some of them, for a few seconds). Supervise daughter's birthday thank-you note writing. Run upstairs to get dressed; get distracted by daughters taking off their pj's and grab the opportunity to make them try on last year's school clothes to see what still fits, what gets handed down, and what needs to be donated. Sort clothes and take notes for school-shopping list. Realize still haven't eaten breakfast.

Run downstairs and make a focaccia for lunch because we have all these farm-share veggies that can be used for sandwiches if I make a focaccia to go with them. Slice and prep the lunch vegetables.

Realize I'm still in my pajamas, I still haven't had breakfast, and I still haven't done any of the work I got up at six a.m. to do. And it's noon. Oops.

Well, there's always the afternoon. Right?

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thoughtfulprosemama said...

I'm excited to find your blog because I too am a mother of two small girls, (still in strollers and diapers, however,)as well as an aspiring writer. I stay at home with the girls most of the week, and am trying to start building a career in writing in my "spare" time. It's always nice to read about other moms running along side me on their treadmills!