Monday, August 15, 2011

Unexpected Birthday Occurrences

Today Genevieve turns five years old. Over the weekend, she had her birthday party with her little friends. Three little blonde girls came over for cake, ice cream, and games in the backyard, and the blonde/cuteness level was overwhelming.

And yes, I did make a Cat in the Hat cake.

She loved it.

Last week, I said that life had been a little crazy: extended family in town, a death vigil for my paternal grandmother (who is still hanging on), more medical appointments for me, and the like. But that was nothing compared to this week.

My parents were visiting over the weekend for Genevieve's birthday party, but before dawn yesterday my mom ended up in an ambulance headed for our town's ER, and then transferred by ambulance to the Mayo Clinic hospital, one hour away. (Our small town hospital does not have all the capabilities of a larger facility.) And so we ended up throwing kids and my dad and snacks and cell phones in two different cars and speeding to Rochester, where we spent the day with the help of our close friends who live there and who watched the girls all afternoon for us.

My mom was in the ICU all day for sudden and extreme intestinal bleeding. She was transferred to a regular room last night, is stable, and undergoes test procedures today. So we will spend Genevieve's birthday on an adventure that involves driving back and forth between our town and the Mayo Clinic, opening presents in a hospital room, and blowing out her candles who knows where and when. We are trying to make it fun for her anyway.

Genevieve still has pre-K "school" this week, and I have an MRI on my spine. We don't know how long my mom will be hospitalized and my folks will be away from their home (they were due to go back yesterday afternoon). I haven't slept in two nights. (The previous night, Genevieve revived her past night-waking tendencies and woke us up numerous times overnight. Maybe she had a premonition that things were about to get scary.)

I'm thankful my children, my husband, and I are healthy; that my mom is OK; that I have so many amazing friends who have offered to help, that we will figure things out.

But I'm still amazed that my baby is five.

We'll have a more normal birthday next year.


Donna said...

A very happy birthday to Genna. She's an amazing little girl.

(And lots of prayers for your mom.)

Rita said...

My goodness Shannon! I'm so sorry to hear about your momma... that must have been so scary!

And I cannot BELIEVE your baby is FIVE. Five! Five is so big!

I hope this week is much more boring.