Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Would Really Think That by the Second Year of All-Day School, You'd Have the Lunch Box Thing Figured Out.

The other day an old friend posted on Facebook, "August is the Sunday evening of summer." And I thought, so true.

I hate August. Or, rather, I'd love August, if there weren't constant forces at play urging me to think about the start of school. Seriously, people -- in Minnesota, school doesn't start until the day after Labor Day, i.e., when the lake resorts close for the season. When August 1st rolls around, we still have a solid four or sometimes even closer to five weeks left of a twelve- or thirteen-week summer vacation. Which makes me want to say to the advertisements, commercials, and stores: Why you gotta be ruining the last third of my summer?!

And let's face it: these days, the back-to-school ads start right after the 4th of July. You know, when we've been on summer vacation for about three weeks. Nice.

I realize that now, it's almost mid-August. But I don't want to be thinking about back-to-school! I don't want to make any decisions about backpacks and lunch boxes (oh Lord, the lunchbox dilemma...)! I do NOT want to go to Target to have my kids try on shoes. I do not want to go through the last-year's clothes to see what still fits, what I can salvage, what can take the place of new outfits so I can stretch my dollar just a little farther. And most of all, no -- the school supplies list? Just NO.

I'm still excited about ABC Summer and the pool and outings for ice cream and to the zoo. I'm still focused on sunshine and children who swim and run around the farm and play house in the backyard with their dolls under the trees. I'm still wondering if I'll be able to run -- really run -- at all this summer. (Most likely not.)

The worst part is that all around me, super-organized superstar moms are getting organized and shopping their lists. Several friends of mine are already way on top of this. Whereas I would like to get everyone on board with me and have them join me in ignoring all this back-to-school stuff until the very last minute.

Who's with me?

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