Friday, September 02, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: O and X (also a little N)

Well, our ABC Summer is winding down. Next week the girls start school. However, we do have one more week of ABC activities, because we just couldn't fit all the letters in any other way. So there are a few ideas yet to come.

This week we struggled with X. You try thinking of children's activities that start with X! It's not easy. We did our best. We also added in an N project, since we had never gotten around to doing N the week my mom was in the hospital.

noodle collaging

The highlight of our week was definitely our visit to Fireside Orchard earlier today. Although it's just a few miles away on a highway we take frequently to get most anywhere outside of our town, we'd never stopped to visit before today. But I'd heard earlier this week that apples were available, and Orchard is a great fit for O week. We didn't pick apples ourselves, since it was a wet and rainy day (we will do that later this autumn), but we did ogle all the wonderful goods in their store, visit the pond and rose garden, ring the antique school bell, taste-test apples, and buy a peck of new Zestars, a half dozen ears of sweet corn, a hunk of homemade fudge, and a bag of freshly-made sugared apple doughnuts. Holla!

At Fireside Orchard


set up an Obstacle course
attended on Outdoor movie party in the backyard of some friends
went to Fireside Orchard


played "X-treme" hopscotch (giant squares and/or up to a very high number)
did plenty of eXercising (walking, biking, hopscotch, running)


made Noodle collages

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