Friday, September 09, 2011

ABC Summer Weekly Report: Odds and Ends

Given that school started this week, I suppose summer really is over. Still, our ABC Summer project still had A and Y to address. Plus, we never did do much for I or N, back in August. So this week we added a few more fun activities to our list, with plans to perhaps fit a couple more in next week too; Y, in particular, was neglected this week and I have hopes of thinking of something more for that (yarn collage? books about yaks? collecting yellow leaves?).

Here's what kept us busy this week when we weren't going to school or throwing fits:


Went for a hike in our town's Arboretum
Made homemade soft pretzels in A shapes


Made homemade soft pretzels in Y shapes


Ate ice cream cones


Went on a Nature hike (see A, above)

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Mnmom said...

We did about 75% of ours but I got tired of posting them. Just having the list made us make plans and not let summer slip away. Thanks for the inspiration!!!