Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Best Parent TV Ever.

I tend to get a little obsessive about TV. I mean, objectively, I don't watch that much TV. We don't even have cable anymore. I admit I like to turn it on after my daughters are in bed as background noise/company while I do my boring freelance work, so you'd be excused for thinking I watch a lot of TV, but in all honesty, there are only a few television shows I truly care about. When I find one, I tend to become addicted to it and talk about it a lot. (See: "So You Think You Can Dance"; "Glee"; "Friday Night Lights".) Then I try to convince everyone I know to watch it.

So, have you seen this new NBC comedy, "Up All Night"? It stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett -- both of whom have recently become parents in real life, by the way, no small factor in this show's super-realistic feel -- as a thirtysomething married couple who have just had their first baby. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I have yet to see an entire episode; it premiered two weeks ago and due to various other commitments I have only seen parts of each episode so far. However -- and this should say a lot considering that I haven't even seen a whole show yet -- each time I have caught a clip of it, I have literally laughed until I cried.

These two are FREAKING HILARIOUS. OMG! Who knew? Seriously, I had no idea Christina Applegate and Will Arnett were so funny and so likable. I adore them. They are like the parents you would be friends with if they were real people and lived in your town. And the show is so true-to-life it's as if they were filming my own household when my girls were babies. Well, with a few minor differences, since in "Up All Night," Will Arnett is the stay-at-home parent and Christina Applegate returns to work. But beyond that, I recognize pretty much every moment portrayed, and unlike real life, "Up All Night" makes each of those moments hilarious rather than hysterical. Because, let's face it, in real life when you have a newborn and aren't getting any sleep you tend to cry a lot more than you laugh.

Here's the show trailer. It's about four minutes long. Go ahead, you can spare four minutes for some good laughs.

Full episodes from the last two weeks are available on the "Up All Night" website. It's only a half-hour show, so I know you can make the time commitment involved. "Up All Night" airs Wednesday nights (that's tonight, holla!) at 8 p.m., 7 p.m. Central.

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Donna said...

I love this show. Christina Applegate is adorable.