Friday, September 30, 2011

I Need to Keep My Hair Long Enough to Get My Professional Head Shots Taken

One my favorite mispronunciations by my kindergartner Genevieve is the way she calls my daily to-do list my "today list." Yesterday she thought the printout of my book manuscript--some 200 pages or so--was my "today list."

"Mama, is that your today list?" Yes, honey. Yes it is. Or it certainly feels like it.

Actually, my "today list" has been shorter than usual this week, because my freelance job is on an unexpected hiatus. About ten days ago, the assignment list disappeared and therefore so did my income. Since then, there has been occasional word that work will re-appear at some point, but in the meantime I am broke, beset by doctor bills, and FREAKING OUT. And it's not like there's a plethora of other jobs just waiting around to be filled, you know? Gah. (If you know of anyone who needs a writer, e-mail me. That's pronounced TASS-uh-vuh. Thank you.)

So, let's take stock of the rest of the week, shall we? I successfully finished jury duty without being called in a second time. Also, my book manuscript entered its final stages of editing before proofing and designing. (Woot!) Julia got sick and missed her first day of school, which was torturous for all involved. (Still undecided as to whether she'll be home from school again today. Dear God, no.) My running injury left, and then returned. Left again, and returned. I'm clearly either going to have to quit running altogether for, like, six more months and hope that will finally clear it up for good or just say to hell with it and run despite the injury and live with the residual pain. Because obviously nothing else is working with any kind of consistency. And not running has caused me to gain five or six pounds recently, which is what happens to me when I don't run much but continue to, you know, EAT.

And lastly, once again--I guess because it is autumn--I am LOSING ALL MY HAIR. I swear there is something seasonal about this. My hair seems to fall out every fall. This time it's more alarming than usual. As in, I'm seriously worried about baldness. I'm not kidding or exaggerating; you really can see my scalp in places if I pull my hair back the wrong way. As you may remember, last autumn I cured my hair loss with supplemental protein--I'm sure of this--but this year that can't be it. I'm still consuming my protein powder every day, and my diet is full of fresh organic produce from our CSA farm, so I know I'm getting plenty of nutrients. Thus, as an explanation for my hair loss, we are left with a.) stress or b.) unknown mystery ailment. Let me tell you, one is not any better than the other.

On the plus side, I just made homemade applesauce (OMG so good), I have a book coming out soon, and last week I had my brows and lashes tinted by the best aesthetician you can imagine, at a salon in my town that I'd never visited before--and now I am in love with getting my brows and lashes done by this aesthetician at the salon in my town. Remember that I am losing all my hair. I need all the help I can get, people. I plan to get on her monthly schedule. I will find the cash somewhere.

And now I am off to tackle my "today list." Send any hair-loss tips and cures my way.


Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

Funny - I stopped over from Rita's and in another window I have open is a Google search for "WHY IS MY HAIR FALLING OUT?"

It's annoying. (And a little alarming. I mean, I have a lot of hair, but at the rate it's falling out, I really WILL be bald soon.)

Mine has been falling out for about 6 months and is gradually getting worse. My current theories are thyroid deficiency (although I already take a supplement) or female hormone wackiness. I'm making appointments to check both because I can't take it any more.

I may need to tint my SCALP.

Also? Way to go on the BOOK! Wow!

Shannon said...

@Sue: Please let me know if you find out anything definitive about your hair falling out! Also if you find a solution! I just started taking organic apple cider vinegar (the really good, nutrient-rich kind, such as Bragg's brand) twice a day and it is absolutely disgusting. But I've heard a lot about it helping with hair falling out. It is full of enzymes and nutrients.