Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mama Essentials, Bonus Part 5

Apparently I should make this Mama Essentials series an ongoing, open-ended one. I keep remembering products I want to tell you about. (Note: I am not being compensated by Johnson & Johnson for this post.)

Today's Mama Essential is Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel. (FYI, I use the aloe vera and vitamin E formula pictured above, not the original version pictured in the product link, though I'm sure they're similar.) I adore everything about this product. First, the packaging is great. The shape of the bottle is a perfect fit for hands and even though it's designed to stand upside down, it doesn't leak all over your bathroom cabinet.

What do I use baby oil gel for? Well, not for any babies. I like this for removing stubborn eye makeup (particularly waterproof mascara) and for moisturizing feet, elbows, and cuticles.

I also dab a bit around my eyes before bed as a super-intense eye "cream." Yes, it's greasy and oily, but I don't need any more crow's feet than I already have, do you? Applying this under and around my eyes and letting it absorb as I sleep makes my delicate skin feel plumped up and healthier the next day, especially as the drying autumn winds start to blow.

Lastly, because my hair is of the super-dry, extremely fragile, easily damaged variety, I have even massaged a drop of this uber-moisturizer into my parched ends to smooth frizzy strands and add a touch of shine. (Warning: anything more than a drop is likely to be too oily; in addition, stick to ends only, and only if your hair is dry. Otherwise you're likely to end up more greasy than glossy.)

There you have it: my latest Mama Essential. Go forth and moisturize.

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