Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mama Essentials, Part 1

I don't usually have a lot of faith in commercial products. I just feel like manufactured products are generally poorly-made and disappointing; their claims are extravagant and designed solely to get you to buy. But there are three products I've purchased recently that have been life-changing. Life-changing! So much so that I thought I'd share my experiences in case any of you want your life changed as well.

I'll review one product at a time, starting today. Tune in later this week for the next two installments. (None of the companies involved is compensating me for these posts. I'm just sharing my experience because I think this information could possibly make you happy. You're welcome.)

First, Revitalash lash conditioner (now called Revitalash Advanced). This is the non-prescription, much cheaper counterpart to Latisse -- a serum that encourages your lashes to grow thicker and longer.

Now, you have to understand, I am a fair Scandinavian blonde. My eyelashes are not only invisible, they are short and sparse. Even with mascara, my lashes leave a whole lot to be desired. So when my friend Lori told me about eyelash conditioners, I was intrigued but skeptical.

Revitalash takes awhile to show its effects; it's supposed to start working in several weeks to a few months, so you have to be consistent. But for me, effects didn't show up for six months, maybe more. (Yes, I really did keep using it all that time. Why not? I wasn't going to waste it!) And it's pricey. However, one tube lasted me almost nine months, far longer than the three months advertised (I may have forgotten to use it now and then in the beginning).

But, people! I now have eyelashes! Particularly when I wear mascara (which is anytime anyone else would see me, frankly), my lashes are definitely noticeably longer. I am AMAZED -- and also a lifelong devoted customer. I will hand over my credit card anytime to keep reaping the rewards of lashes that actually resemble those other people have had their whole lives. Imagine what Revitalash would do for you if you ALREADY had fairly long and lush lashes! You'd resemble Kim Kardashian!

Of course Kim Kardashian isn't a mom (yet). But as any busy mom will tell you, time for beauty prep and good grooming is scarce, especially when the children are young enough that they still need help pouring their milk and combing their own hair without leaving a giant untouched mass in the back. Any product that helps you look a little less like you've just rolled out of bed is a winner, in my opinion.

If you've tried Revitalash, let me know how it works for you! Did it take six months for you, too?


Katy Read said...

Hi Shannon, I've used it and can also testify that it works amazingly well; I know a lot of people find this hard to believe.

Also, you can often get it for a better price on eBay. I kind of got lazy and haven't used it in a while, though I'd been meaning to get another tube. Now you've inspired me to get going on it.

One caveat, though: I have read that it can darken the color of your eyes, permanently. This isn't something I worried about because my eyes are dark brown. But it's something lighter-eyed folks might want to investigate and consider.


Rita said...

I'm so excited to hear about this! I had no idea there was a non-prescription option!

I've also heard that Latisse can darken your eye color (as @Katy Read said in her comment). Have you noticed a difference in your eye color?

Shannon said...

No, I have not had any eye color change. I don't think I would care, but my eyes are light blue so I would definitely notice if any change occurred.