Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Try It, You'll Like It

Yesterday I spent the afternoon -- and it took the WHOLE afternoon -- while my girls were both in school getting a fancy spa manicure and pedicure at a salon in my town, courtesy of my sweet husband who gave me a gift certificate last Valentine's Day. Yes, it took me eight months to pamper myself. Big surprise.

It was awesome.

I never get manicures, and I only get a salon pedicure about once every year or two. (And always with a gift certificate, now that I think about it.) I do my own toes in between, and I never do my fingernails. But I've always wanted to have tidy, lovely, cared-for hands that look like I give a damn. Because, honestly, I do.

Of course, I got a very pale, luminescent, barely-there color on my fingernails, because as a stay-at-home mom who uses her hands all day in and out of water and cleaning products and playground gravel and whatnot, I'm certainly not going to waste a salon manicure on a color that's going to broadcast the first chip that shows up on day two. (Although this manicure is amazing; I don't think it's going to chip anytime too soon.)

But on my toes, as usual, I picked a vivid, cheery, Barbie/bubble-gum pink.

My girls went nuts when they got off the bus and saw the results. And I have to say, my nails look gorgeous. It's nice to get a little lift every time you spy your fingers or toes.

A salon mani-pedi isn't something I would ever spend money on normally, which is why it's nice to get one as a gift on occasion. I highly recommend it -- even if that gift is from you to you.


Rita said...

Aw, this made me smile! It's like *I* got to have a mani/pedi vacariously ; )

Dvr Dame said...

We girls need to be pampered.