Saturday, October 22, 2011

BlogHer Asks: How Do You Start Your Day Off Right?

I have this cherished recurring fantasy about mornings. It's kind of on par with my longstanding big-gorgeous-country-house fantasy, in the sense that it too stems from glossy magazine features about make-believe (or at least unknown to me) families who inhabit houses and lifestyles that make me drool: perfectly, prettily casual and relaxed, with plenty of space and light and expensive coffeemakers and granite-topped islands and children in barefeet looking sweet and never cranky, and everyone lounging around in the spacious kitchen drinking espresso and making pancakes on a weekend morning and looking very, very happy.

In reality, mornings in my household involve children arising before the break of dawn and calling for milk and toast when the clock has yet to strike six a.m., and then after that, plenty of arguing and crying while I try to revive my brain with as much strong coffee as possible. So that's nice.

Fortunately, I've discovered a way to make my mornings start a bit more pleasantly, and not long ago, BlogHer invited me to join the BlogHer Life Well Lived Panel and answer the question, "What do you do to get your day going on an upbeat, positive note?" for their BlogHer feature on bloggers' tips for happiness.

That's where I shared that my go-to strategy is to get up an hour before everyone else, so I can at least brush my teeth and make my coffee and check my e-mail before the troops wake up and start calling my name. Yes, that means I arise at five a.m., when the world is dark. But that dose of time by myself (which, in practice, never ends up being a full hour) means that my day begins more positively, because I've attended to my most basic needs before I must attend to those of others.

So, what's your strategy? Do you have any awesome morning tricks? How do you get your day going on a positive, happy note? BlogHer wants to know, and so do I! You can share your answer in the comments of this post, and read others' ideas, too.

Of course, life is about more than just happy mornings, and BlogHer is also holding a Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes right now too. It's so easy: Just share what kind of little life moment makes you the happiest -- a simple pleasure, so to speak -- and get a chance to win $250! I've already entered, and so should you! Wouldn't $250 make your Life a little more Well Lived? You know it would.

So tell me: How do you up your daily happiness quotient?

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Mom and Kiddo said...

I also get up early! Sometimes as early as 4. Otherwise, I would never get to go on the computer.

I am sad to report that my brother's in-laws live in a house that was in a magazine and it is as awesome as it seems on the glossy pages. But then, they don't have small children.