Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun House

In case you were wondering what else I am doing this week other than planning my holiday cards (and you should, too! have you entered??), well, today I am getting a poke in my rear. Two pokes, actually. Yes, today's the day I get to have a cortisone injection for my persistent running injury. In fact, it is the first thing I am doing today. I get to expose my bum to a handsome doctor at 7:45 in the morning. I can hardly wait! It's going to be so fun! And then later today I get to have my eyes dilated! More intense fun! And this is a day after I had to take Genevieve for a kidney ultrasound (she's fine). And remember how all my hair is falling out (again)? Today when I combed my hair wrong I actually spied a bald spot. Always fun! Seriously, the level of fun is overwhelming. I don't think I can take this much fun in one week.

In other news I also went to parent-teacher conferences where I found out that my children are so advanced in their academic skills that they're basically beyond testability. Like, the scale doesn't go that high for kindergarten and 2nd grade. I don't remember all the details. Something about the challenge of finding books hard enough for my daughters to read that are still age-appropriate, and something about a life ahead during which I will wonder daily if I should be homeschooling and then want to procure a strong cocktail and cry at the thought of homeschooling. OK, I made that last part up. But when you can easily read at level 34 in your kindergarten room, which is the highest the numbers go, and everyone else is reading at, like, a level 2 or 3, might have a difficult time being appropriately challenged at school.

In other words, my children are doing awesome at school.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go prepare myself for the oodles and oodles of fun.


Rita said...

I actually thought about you and your ass today. And I mean that in the least awkward way possible.

Hope it went well. And hey! I'll bet yours was the best damn ass he'd seen all day !

I am so supportive!

Now, we're going to need to discuss this bald spot BECAUSE YOU'RE TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT!!

Mom and Kiddo said...

My son is like that at school, too. I remind myself that school is more than just academics. Or at least that is what I tell myself to avoid homeschooling, because who am I kidding? I am NOT going to do that.

Shannon said...

@Rita: Why, thank you for thinking of me and my ass yesterday. :) Since I was his first patient of the day, indeed my ass WAS the best one he'd seen all day, guaranteed. ;) As for my bald spot? I KNOW. I have this thing about my hair falling out. It happens about once a year, and it's HUGE. But this is the worst it's ever been. My NP thinks it's stress related b/c my nutrition is good and my thyroid/iron come back normal. Lovely. Right now I can hide my bald spot. But my hair is way thinner than usual, and I am just praying it stops and then stars growing back ASAP. Say a little prayer for my head.