Monday, October 17, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend

heirloom tomato gratin

This weekend I:

Made this incredible recipe from Woman's Day magazine. (See above.) Words cannot describe the amazing deliciousness. Trust me.

Downloaded this MP3 to put on my running iPod. Sue me. It's super sweet and catchy and puts a spring in my step. Yes, I did just say "puts a spring in my step."

Watched this half-marathon, and failed miserably at catching my husband on camera or even noticing him soon enough to cheer as he went by, because the girls and I had already been standing in the freezing wind watching for him for an hour and thus had race-watching-fatigue, and also because he was wearing a red shirt whereas when he left our house earlier that morning he was wearing a white shirt, thus we were watching for a white shirt. Uh....sorry, babe? it was hilarious?

Went to this town for some autumn family fun.

Discovered this recipe and decided that life cannot go on unless I make it.

Planned a kid Halloween cookie-decorating party using this adorable online-invitations website.

Ruminated a little more on getting an injection in my backside this week.

Finished watching Season Two of "Friday Night Lights" with my husband, whom after 5+ years I have fully and successfully indoctrinated into the Friday Night Lights Obsessive Fan Club, and who now admits he should have been watching this fantastic show all along, for the five years it was actually on TV. To this I say, NO KIDDING. And then I roll my eyes.

Was awakened at roughly 5:30 a.m. each morning, because I have children, and my children do not believe in sleeping in on weekends. And my definition of "sleeping in" is currently "past 6 a.m.," so really, I'm not setting the bar all that high.

How was your weekend?

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