Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Bright Side

So today when I went in for my annual girly check-up, my gynecologist scheduled me for a baseline mammogram. I told my friends that I am officially old, but my friend Kathy said you're not old until you get a baseline colonoscopy. Whew.

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Heidi Mann said...

Because I'm older than you and have already had a couple mammograms, here's my advice: #1. Don't believe what you hear about how they're as horrible as a truck driving over your boob. Not true. And #2. What helps make that not true is using the slow, in-and-out, relaxation-style breathing they taught you in Pre-Childbirth classes. Then again, after you've lived through something like 1,273 hours of labor before the delivery of your first child, as you have, this will be nothin' at all.