Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I Need a Candy Detox.

I find this photo anticlimactic. They actually looked much cuter than this. Genevieve was a witch (a cute, adorable one). Julia was a pioneer girl--basically the embodiment of the Little House books. I think she insisted she was Mary Ingalls, seeing as how Mary was the oldest sister and so is she. But I don't think anyone else really got all that. No matter. Candy flowed like water. Or something. I don't know. I have a sugar hangover. How about you?


Mnmom said...

Me too. I bought CHOCOLATE of all things to give out, and of course ate too much. WHY didn't I stick to my usual plan of gross sugary fruity things that I hate???

Mom/Nonna said...

I have given hot chocolate packets for a number of years. My grandkids are mortified but most of the goblins who show up are very happy with this unique treat! I even heard one exclaim, "Oh, this is the house where we get cocoa!" We only had 40 kids at our door this year. When my girls were small trick-or-treaters we would often have 100 or more! Times have changed. But of course I always buy about ten boxes of hot chocolate just in case... We will be drinking it all winter!