Friday, November 11, 2011

I'll Brew Some Coffee Up for You.

This week has been a little on the lonely side. Due to a sick child and whatnot, I haven't been able to hang out with any friends all week -- no park meet-ups, no playgroups. I took my kids to swimming on Sunday and small-talked with a dad I know, took both girls and myself to our nice dentist yesterday and chatted with the receptionist for a minute or two, and other than that mainly stayed inside with Genevieve as she sniffled and laid around morosely feeling terrible. (Bad cold; home from school for two days.) Yesterday I finally caught up with a long-distance friend by phone for an hour, my BFF Veronica with whom I hadn't actually talked in many weeks (texting, though I love it, isn't the same).

Staying home full-time with children can be a lonely endeavor. It seems weird, because oftentimes you aren't really home all that much; shouldn't you have plenty of opportunity for socializing? But it doesn't always work that way. Kids get sick and you end up quarantined at home. Cold weather comes and no one's at the park or the pool every day like they were in the summer. You go and do the grocery shopping; you run the errands or volunteer in your child's classroom. But none of those things really guarantees an adult conversation. Hence the addictive quality, for many a stay-at-home mom, of Facebook and twitter and blog-reading. Some days those online shout-outs are the only adult interaction I get between 8 and 5.

So, let's chat, shall we? Have I told you about the disastrous pumpkin-swirl brownie recipe I tried yesterday? It didn't swirl, overflowed the pan, and took twice as long to bake as the instructions directed. Weird, right? They taste good though. (They're for company, but I had to do some quality-control.) Did you know my mother-in-law is visiting? (Hence the brownies.) Do you want to come over and hang out? Oh, wait. least let me know how YOUR week is going. I really want to know.

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Rita said...

Oh how I know what you mean. Dave left town this morning and MINUTES after he walked out the door William started running a fever AND the dog took a turn for the worse.

I've spent the day shuttling both the dog and the boy to various health experts.

And hey! Neither one of them needs to be euthanized. So there's that.