Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Easy Holiday Craft for Kids: Glittery Pine Cone Ornament

Need something else artsy and Christmasy to do with your kids this week? I've got another little craft project for you: making a Glittery Pine Cone Ornament.

If you've got evergreens in your yard (as we do), you're so set. Then you can do this spur of the moment, with little to no advance planning! That's my style of craft project. If you don't, well, procure yourself some pine cones (maybe a pre-craft nature walk is in order?); then do this project.

As you will see, pine cone ornaments are extremely simple, which makes them the perfect project for little hands. Just set the pine cone on a paper plate; put out cups of red, green, and white paint (with separate brushes for each); and let your child paint the pine cone in holiday colors.

While the paint is still wet, have your child sprinkle the pine cone with glitter (silver or gold looks especially nice, particularly with an all-white pine cone; but we had red and green, and that's lovely too) and let dry.

And tie a ribbon or string around the top, for hanging.

And there you have it. And once again, you are an awesome, fun mom. Go you!

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Mnmom said...

I also love the peanut-butter pine cone rolled in birdseed. So pretty to hang them in trees and watch the birds feast.