Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Book is Coming

I think I need a cheerier post at the top of this blog right now. I meant to mention earlier, that there IS some good news in my house this week: it's less than one week until I get to fill you all in on the big announcement about my book! This is more than just an announcement about the new date of its release, folks, so please PLEASE check back on Monday 12/26 for the big news.

Unrelatedly, I remembered that last year at this time, I came home my daughter's Winter Sing and shoveled our patio out from under a four-foot drift of snow that had totally snowed in the door. And then the handle broke right off my shovel and I gave up. This year the ground is as bare as pre-Thanksgiving, and it looks like about mid-November here, too. So crazy!

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