Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bright Side of Winter

A couple of weeks ago, at Thanksgiving, it was so warm that I went outside in the yard with my girls without a jacket. The temp was in the 50s then, and we were very, very lucky that it was still that warm in late November.

Now it is early December, we have six inches of fluffy snow on the ground, and I just went running in 15 degree air. For the first time since last winter, I came home with a numb face. And 15 degrees? That's going to feel warm in a few weeks.

I wasn't really ready to venture out into snow and ice and 15-degree temps, seeing as how it was just recently that I was still running over bare ground on my favorite wooded trail, in long sleeves but no jacket. And yes, it was cold. But it's time to face facts; it's December in Minnesota, after all. It's the holiday season. It's definitely time for snow boots and numb faces.

As I shivered down my front walk and onto my winter running route, I just told myself that all the shivering in the cold was no doubt better for burning off my premature layer of winter flab.



Mnmom said...

I don't know. I'll get back to you after I summon up the courage to put down the cookies and go outside.

Shannon said...

Ha! Mnmom, you made me laugh out loud. Truly, THAT is how I usually feel about and approach winter. as well.

Rita said...

Wow. Snow already. It's going to be a loooong winter, isn't it?