Friday, December 09, 2011

Easy Holiday Craft for Kids: Handprint Santa

This is what Genevieve and I did yesterday morning:

OK, so his beard is a little straggly. But he's cute, no?

All you need is green (or other dark-colored) construction paper; red paper for cutting into the shape of a hat; googly eyes; a glue stick; a couple of paper plates; and white, red, pink, and brown or black paint. Oh, and a brush for painting your child's hand to make the print.

First cut some red paper into the shape of a Santa hat. Have your child glue it to a piece of construction paper.

Next, have your child glue two googly eyes about a finger's width below the bottom of the Santa hat. (You want space for the hat's trim.)

Put some white washable poster paint on a paper plate, and carefully paint your child's entire palm and all five fingers white (or have your child do his or her own). Then press the handprint (upside down) beneath the googly eyes, again leaving a little space.

Have your child use his or her thumbprint to make a white pom-pom for the top of Santa's hat, and overlapping white circles for trim at the bottom.

Squeeze a small dollop each of red, pink, and brown or black paint onto another plate. Let your child use a finger to carefully dot on a red nose, pink cheeks, and brown or black mouth.

And voila! You're now an awesome, fun mom. (As if you weren't before!)

Have fun!

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Rita said...

Omg we are totally doing this today!!