Friday, December 30, 2011

Slash Your Grocery Bill in 2012

One of the ways I live frugally is by cooking and eating primarily vegetarian meals. While it's true that I have additional reasons for avoiding meat, the grocery-bill savings cannot be beat--and let's face it, these days groceries are crazy expensive.

But for those who are used to cooking and eating meat-based entrees, meatless meals can be intimidating. What do you eat instead? How do you know what to buy and cook? I recommend starting with a few easy ideas, rather than jumping immediately to lesser-known vegetarian proteins like tempeh and miso. For the simplest, and very delicious, options for money-saving, meatless cooking, read my advice at

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Heidi Mann said...

Very good reminders! Thanks! (Is SheBudgets connected somehow with SheWtites? The color scheme seems similar...)