Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So how are you doing? Surviving the after-Christmas rush? Or the after-Christmas doldrums? In my house, the kids are on school break, and my husband took the week off from work, so we're in full "stay-cation" mode.

There's no snow, which is a huge disappointment, because usually we spend Christmas vacation doing a lot of sledding, skating, and snowman-building, punctuated by the drinking of hot chocolate. So, oddly, our stay-at-home holiday is ending up being more expensive than usual, since we're filling our days with all sorts of fun family adventures (that cost money, unlike sledding and building snowmen). That's all right, though; even when money's tight, when you're a parent, you have to believe that the memories you're making when the family goes bowling and spends $25 for one hour and that's with a coupon are sometimes simply worth the cash outlay. For the laughs alone.

Besides bowling (which was seriously awesome; our town's family-oriented bowling alley has both bumper guards AND a portable metal "ramp," on which toddlers and small children can place their ball, and which then, with a small push, automatically guides the ball down the incline into the lane with some level of velocity--making bowling far less frustrating to the youngest and tiniest among us), we've also gone to the Eagan indoor playground, had dinner at a McDonald's (trust me, this is an adventure for us), and visited Keller Farm. And today we're going on a day trip to the well-known (but as-yet unvisited by us) Lark Toys, about 90 minutes away.

Tomorrow I think we'll stay at home and just have some quiet, relaxing playdates. You know you're a mom of young children when you consider simultaneous playdates for your 7- and 5-year-olds at your own house "quiet" and "relaxing."

Have you checked out my book's Barnes & Noble Nook page, yet? Do you want to order it for your Nook, iPad, smartphone, or computer? Maybe you should do that. Then maybe go bowling. It's super fun.

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