Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Writing This is Making Me Tired.

On Sunday, when this virus hit me in the space of about half an hour (seriously: one hour, fine and baking cookies with my daughters and taking them to swimming lessons; the next, unconscious on my bed after eating next to nothing for lunch), I was willing to humor it. Yesterday, I was annoyed but figured I could spare a day of cleaning and cooking and laundry and errands and writing work and Christmas preparations to lie on my bed some more, this time almost unable to move--after all Christmas was still six days away.

But today, I'm getting mad. I have gifts to wrap and holiday menus to plan and shop for; I have treats to deliver. And most important of all, I have my daughters' Christmas concerts at school tomorrow, when tomorrow is suddenly seeming very imminent.

This virus would be a great excuse to just lay around and eat Christmas cookies all day--if it weren't the type of virus that takes away one's appetite completely and leaves her eating nothing more than saltines since Sunday.

In other news, still no snow. What in the world?

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Mary S. said...

This sounds a lot like influenza. (A friend who works at the hospital told me today it is going around now.) Might want to check with your doctor. You do not want to mess with the flu.