Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Barnes and Noble Features my Book!

Yahoo! Barnes & Noble is featuring my book today on their Nook Book Store homepage. Scroll down a bit and you'll see my book as today's "Compelling Reads from Authors You Need to Know." (Totally flattering, needless to say.) If you're an e-reader owner and haven't bought it yet, wouldn't today be a great day for that? And no worries--in just a few short weeks, my book will also be available in printed form for those of you waiting for something to hold in your hands.

Oh, and hey--if you've made any kind of New Year's resolutions related to eating better, exercising more, lowering your stress level, managing your household more efficiently, parenting with greater mindfulness, or just taking better care of yourself in general, this book is for you. (It's also for anyone who just wants to read about how grim my early days of stay-at-home motherhood were, how flummoxed I can become in the lunchbox aisle at Target, and how tempted I've been to go out to the bus stop in my pajamas--or for anyone who just wants a long list of ways to keep the kids entertained during a long at-home day.) Because it's got all that.

Thanks for listening--and reading--, my dears.

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