Sunday, January 15, 2012

Because Life Had Been Too Boring Lately.

My oh my, where have I been? I'm not sure you even want to know.

Mostly I've been checking for lice. Last week I helped out my dear sweet friend and neighbor, who is solo-parenting for 16 days (16 days, you all!) while her husband is away on a work trip, and who is mom to three kids ranging in age from two to eight. Terrifyingly, her middle child had a medical emergency, so I took her oldest, who plays with my daughters sometimes, to stay at our house for awhile. I met her at the school bus and fed her and kept her overnight and got her off to school the next morning. The girls had a fantastic time and thought it was the greatest adventure ever--their bus-stop buddy bedded down on the floor between their beds while they all giggled and whispered, the three of them drinking hot chocolate at breakfast the next morning.

Later that day my friend called to say she had JUST FOUND LICE ON HER DAUGHTER. You know, the child who slept in my house and whose hair I brushed into a ponytail for school--using my own hairbrush. OMG.

I can write all this because my friend already has, and she knows I'm not mad. I mean, when you're a mom, lice is sort of part of the deal. You expect it to invade your house at some point or another during the school years--it's more a "when" than an "if." Plus, my solo-parenting, sick-child-managing friend is suffering far more than I. It's just sort of ironic that lice should appear the first time--the one time!--we have another child sleep over.

We did all the usual--vacuumed the whole house, washed all the bed linens and winter hats and dress-up clothes in hot, sterilized the hairbrushes and combs, bagged up the unwashable dress-up hats and put them in the garage to stay for a week--so now it's just a matter of checking ourselves and each other daily for two weeks or so. In case you didn't know, lice eggs are almost impossible to see in blonde hair. Which my daughters and I all have. Sigh. I have a feeling it's only a matter of time until we all discover that we're infected.

In which case, I plan to go here. I'm sure they take credit cards.


Angel said...

This would be WAY more funny if this awful neighbor who possibly gave you lice was someone other than us. *sigh* Thanks for being so understanding guys. What a crazy couple of weeks. I am hoping your girls can keep this a fun 'we had our first sleepover' memory. Not 'our neighbor gave us lice' memory. Ugh!!

Mom/Nonna said...

My head is itching just reading about it! Oh well, as the saying goes, "This too shall pass!"

Rita said...


I'm fraking out and I'm SEVERAL STATES AWAY.

Wait. This is not the sort of support you need, is it?

Mnmom said...

Lice - if your kids go to anything public, you'll be exposed at some point. And they like clean heads the best - clean hair shafts are easier to cling to.

Dawn said...

Hey Shan,
I saw this this fall, and tagged it, just in case... Good friends of ours (both kids are in my respective kids classes) just had an outbreak, so I sent this to her. I keep rereading it so I'm ready... I just know it's coming eventually. And dreading. But this article has some great tips, even the comments have good insight.

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

I'm dealing with our first case of lice here too. It seems to be contained to just one kid, but it's the kid I normally have to lay down with at some point every night. So even though I keep going to a neighbor's house to have her check my head, I am psychosomatically itching constantly.

All that being said, I'd take lice over vomiting any day.