Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year's Bread

My seven-year-old got a "Little House on the Prairie" crafts and activities book for Christmas. It is the perfect present for her. She's obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder (she's read all the books), she dressed up as a "pioneer girl" for Halloween, and her favorite outdoor game is to pretend that she, her sister, and their neighbor friend are members of the Ingalls family, fighting grasshopper plagues and listening to coyotes and trying to save the wheat. Plus she's super artistic and crafty.

Within a few days of Christmas, she'd already (with just a little help) made the special folded "party napkins" (which we used at dinner), the "flower oranges" (which we ate for lunch), and the "button lamps" (for decorative purposes only; not to light afire to provide a few moments of light during a kerosene shortage, thank goodness).

She begged to make "Laura's Golden Wheat-Sheaf Bread." I promised her--on New Year's Day. When we had nothing else going on, and after I'd gone to the store the day before to buy shortening and bread flour. I'd never made homemade yeast-bread before, and I knew it was time-consuming.

We had three false starts with proofing the yeast--note to the book's author: add sugar to the yeast-proofing step, otherwise the yeast will never proof--and there may have been some swearing under my breath, but, eventually, we made the Laura Ingalls bread.

I don't know if it looks like a sheaf of wheat, but my daughter was very proud.

Me too, actually.

Baking bread (for the first time!) seems like a really good way to start off a new year, doesn't it?


Mom/Nonna said...

Mmmm! That bread definitely looks good enough to eat! Do you want Nana's recipe next?? It's full of "generalities" just like the fudge recipe, and it makes better toast than bread. But it's so satisfying to make bread!!

Mnmom said...

Wonderful! Tell Half-Pint she did a good job. Now go get "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes" or just look it up and youtube and join the world of easy bread-making.

Cat Ray said...

This looks awesome! My kids are starting to not like doing Indoor Activities for Kids at home anymore. So I looked into other activities for the winter time and decided I was going to take them to Great Wolf, which is an indoor waterpark.

Rita said...

I want that bread SO BAD. With some nice apple butter and a cup of coffee. Mmmmm