Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now if Only I Could Get Out of All My Other Chores, Too.

For years, my husband has been unloading the dishwasher at the end of the day when he's cleaning up after dinner, and rearranging things, one dirty dish or cup or knife at a time, until the dishwasher is reloaded to his liking. All day long, when he's at work and I'm cooking and baking and serving meals and snacks, I load the dishwasher as I go along. And then after dinner he goes in there and uses who knows what amount of precious time undoing all the loading I have done all day and redoing the whole thing. This drives me absolutely insane, because I read an article about proper dishwasher-loading once, one that referred to Martha Stewart herself for the correct instructions for dishwasher-loading, and this is the method I have been using since then.

Who is my husband to second-guess Martha Stewart, people?

So anyway, for a very long time, until just recently in fact, this undoing and redoing of my Martha-Stewart-approved dishwasher-loading every day made me CRAZY. And don't go saying something like, "You should be grateful your sweet, amazing husband loads the dishwasher or does the dishes at all!" You know very well that it would drive you crazy too.

The other day I had a brilliant thought. Which was, what am I doing loading the dishwasher all day if it just gets reloaded at the end of the day anyway? Why not just toss everything willy-nilly into the sink each time I use a plate or bowl or spoon, and let him load it just how he likes it at the end of the day? Aren't I just wasting my time putting anything in the dishwasher at all?

So I asked Christopher what he thought of this idea. He said it was fine with him. So now I don't bother with the dishwasher at all. Oh sure, the sink becomes piled high and it's hard to run water and it looks like a hoarder lives here, but that is a small price to pay for never having to take the extra effort to open the dishwasher door and place something inside it in the Martha-Stewart-approved manner, only to watch it be adjusted by someone else later on, someone who does not read magazine articles about Martha Stewart's proper way to load the dishwasher.

At first I kept washing the things that don't go in the dishwasher, like the skillets and coffeemaker carafe and the Ziplocs we wash out to use again, but after awhile I sort of lost interest. Things got buried in the sink under other things and I didn't feel like fishing out the things to wash. I'd have to hand-wash everything in order to get to the things that don't go in the dishwasher, and what good would that be? I'd be doing more work than before. So now I just sort of leave everything sitting there.

I figure I came out on top with this one. Thanks, Martha.


Mary S. said...

Laughing. We have this same issue at our house, though I am the one who rearranges the dishwasher to my liking, in a way that I know is not Martha Stewart approved, but I like better. It does sound like you got a good deal out of this, though.

Christopher Tassava said...

To the contrary, my dear lovely wife! I totally won this battle. TOTALLY. I'm in heaven: that big messy sink of dishes is a challenge that I can and will meet forever and ever. The end.

(The disgusting post-breakfast grottiness at the bottom of the sink is a small price to pay.)

Heidi Mann said...

Christopher, you put all other husbands to shame!!

And Shannon, I think you've got the right idea!!

Now.... *I* just wish I had a dishwasher!!!!!