Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Reading Reminder & Random Valentine's Day Photos

This is what I did yesterday afternoon while my daughters were in
I decided that children should come home from school to milk
and heart-shaped
cookies on Valentine's Day. I forgot that the kindergartners
got to have ice-cream sundaes for their Valentine's party. Sugar overload FTW!

Today's the day of my book reading and signing for The Essential Stay-at-Home Mom Manual at my town's indie bookshop, Monkey See Monkey Read. If you're local, come on down to the shop at 7:30 tonight! I'd love to see you there.

If you're not local, like Rita, I will have to imagine you sitting in one of the chairs. I know you will be there in spirit.

Of course, I've been sick for a week, which means: a.) good news--there's no way I could still be contagious, so seriously, come on down to the shop tonight! but also b.) I'm a coughing wreck and my voice is raspy, which, you know, isn't exactly the ideal book-reading condition.

My sister joked that I'd have to make my husband read for me, and I'd just sit there with a surgical mask on, signing books. Fun for all!

In reality, I will be reading myself, but the fact that I've been up coughing all night for the past several days in a row means that I will be looking the part of the sleep-deprived mom this evening. The circles under my eyes definitely rival any night-nursing mom's. Any photos taken tonight will need to be doctored considerably.

Valentine's craft, old-school style. Heart-shaped
sponge painting during an a.m. playdate.


Rita said...

I wish I had the kind of disposable income that would allow me to fly in and surprise you at the reading. It would be something straight out of a movie.

Shannon said...

Rita, this comment made me smile just thinking about it! How awesome would that be? :)