Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coughing and Laughing

I'm still really sick, but I wanted to pop online to give you a little something while you're waiting for a real post.

I was reading the current issue of the New Yorker yesterday, and I came across this cartoon, which made me laugh out loud, even though doing so triggers a giant coughing fit:

In case you can't see the caption, it says, "Those who can't do, comment."

In light of my online trolls--you know, the ones who leave scathing "reviews" of my book and/or send me anonymous hater blog comments--this cartoon seemed particularly hilarious, and so very true.

(I haven't looked at any online anonymous comments or reviews of my book in weeks and weeks, in case you were wondering, and have no plans to do so ever again. You can't be bullied if you never see the comments. And anyway, now that my book has been fully released and people everywhere have begun to buy and read it, I've been getting real feedback from the only audience that matters--fellow at-home moms for whom the book was written, and readers who actually sign their real names--and that feedback has been so enormously positive that I'm honored and humbled to my very core.)

Happy Sunday! I'm going back to bed now.


Daisy said...

As for the trolls? They can't write a blog post, much less a book.

Take care.

Shannon said...

Love ya, Daisy! :)