Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling the Love

Oh, friends, I had the BEST time at my book reading last night. The room was filled with, as one friend of mine said, such a "good vibe." So many of my mom friends were there--and even one non-mom friend!--plus some moms I just met last evening, and everyone was just listening and laughing and discussing and having fun. Jerry, the bookshop owner, was my biggest cheerleader, and gave me a warm and flattering intro and so much encouragement and support. And plenty of books were sold.

I didn't get a ton of photos, because I was too busy reading and signing books (also coughing and sniffling and drinking tea, sorry you all), but my husband snapped a few. Truth be told, considering the fact that I'd been sick for a full week at that point, and had gotten very little sleep recently, preserving my ill appearance via digital camera to witness for all eternity was not exactly on my list of things I wanted to do. I honestly hope I generally look better than this, although if I do not, please keep it to yourself.

But that's not what was so important. What was important was that I was feeling the love, big-time, from friends and strangers alike. I wish every one of you had been there. It was a lot of fun and I got a lot of laughs--just what any author wants to hear as she's relaying personal anecdotes about debating going to the bus stop in pajamas and being stymied by the Target school lunch box aisle.

Oh, and guess what? We left our girls with a sitter, and NO ONE CRIED. There was no hysterical screaming upon separation, no trauma, no drama, no problem whatsoever. This may truly have been the real milestone of the evening.


Rita said...

I was there! (in spirit).

Heidi Mann said...

Congratulations! (on the positive outcome with kids and the sitter, AND on the reading!)

What section(s) did you read?

Shannon said...

Heidi, for my readings (I've done 2 now) I've been focusing mostly on the personal anecdotes/blog excerpts b/c they are funny and people love them. A few of those plus a bit from the beginning of chapter 2 and part of chapter 10.

Mom said...

Wish we could have been in the front row!