Monday, February 06, 2012

It is Coming.

You guys. You have been the most wonderful, supportive, and patient readers when it comes to the release of my book in printed physical form. If I had known back in December that it would take this long to come out, I would never have dangled the "mid-December"--no wait, "end of January"--no wait, "February 1st" carrot in your faces. Every day, someone asks me via e-mail or Facebook or phone or text where my book is and how they can purchase it. Every day, I run into people around town who ask me the same. I'm sorry I've been stringing you along all this time! It was not intentional! It has certainly been a lesson in Some Things You Cannot Control.

But you all, I just want you to know that last evening I saw the finished interior of the book--all designed and formatted and proofed and perfect--and you guys, it is beautiful. It is ready to go. It is coming.


Heidi Mann said...

Will your books arrive in time for Mom & Dad to see them before they leave? And if so, have them buy one for me and bring it home! Can't wait!

Rita said...

I still cannot get over it: YOU WROTE A BOOK!!