Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mama Style Favorites

You know what's really fun? Talking about products you love. I like to do this when we're really broke, like now, because it lets me plan for all the things I want to buy once we're no longer broke. Kidding! I'm not that materialistic. (Getting more so all the time! ha.) It's just fun. It's the online equivalent of window-shopping. Plus you get to imagine that someone you like might buy one of the products you love, thus allowing you to enjoy it vicariously (if you don't already own it) or welcome them into the club of people who adore it (if you do). (There's no actual club.)

So in honor of the fact that,'s Groundhog's Day? it's six days till my birthday? you've all been so angelic about waiting for my book to come out (I swear there really is a book)? it's almost Valentine's Day and you deserve a token of love from you to you? can pick one of those. In honor of that, here are a few things this Mama in Wonderland loves.

photo from Ritzy Misfit's etsy site

Ritzy Misfit wax seal pendant. The credit for this discovery goes straight to Susan Wagner, who wrote about it on her blog recently. I fell in love with it at first sight. It's so writerly--a perfect "congratulations, you published a book!" gift. For example.

photo; sorry it's just the rear view--even cuter from the front! Click on link below for a better view.

Land's End Audrey-style UltraFit Slim Leg jeans. I am evangelistic about these jeans, and won't stop talking about them. But seriously: they are the ultimate skinny jean for a mom who wants to be stylish but doesn't want to look cheap or as if she's trying to be a teenager. Check the reviews on the Land's End site! These jeans are SUPER popular--and no wonder. Lightweight, a bit stretchy, stylishly skinny but not skin-tight, and very flattering to a variety of body shapes, these jeans will take you to the supermarket or to the movies on date night. Perfect.

Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Flared mascara. What the WHAT? I have eyelashes? That a person can see from a few feet away? How did this product work that kind of magic? I don't know, but I love it, despite the annoying missing 'e' in "Volum'" (come ON, now) and the ridiculously long and silly name. Listen, if you're a sleep-deprived mama whose eyes could use a little waking up, try this mascara and be amazed at how much brighter your eyes look.


Target's Merona Women's Ultimate Long-Sleeved Tee, in sailor stripes. I love this tee in any color--it's super soft, slim, and long (uh...until you accidentally put it in the dryer for too long; don't do that)--but the stripes are especially classic and awesome. This is the gray and black stripe, but there's also a fresh ivory and gray option. Yes, I do have both. Several of the moms in my town love this tee so much we have to be careful not to show up for the same school event in matching tops. Snatch it up, ladies; it's usually $12 but can be found for as low as $6 at times. Take my advice and buy several.


WeWOOD wooden watches. I received the DATE style in natural beige for my birthday last year from a generous and fashion-forward friend, and I looooove it. SO stylish, it will attract questions and compliments everywhere you go. Check out the beige/brown and beige/army striped ones as well--super stylish. OMG. Love.


Title Nine New School dress. How adorable is this? Sporty, warm, hooded, unique, did I mention sporty? This dress appeals to the runner mom in me. How cute would this be with leggings and boots during the chilly months, for running errands around town or doing school bus stop duty?


Target's Mossimo pink patent ballet flats. What the WHAT, again? These shoes are currently $7.48! Pink! Patent! Ballets! Imagine these flats with the Audrey Fit skinnies above. Adorable! Excuse me while I make a little Target run.

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