Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tell Your Story

One year and 11 months ago, I received a mystery angel in the mail. Do you remember?

I never did find out who sent it to me. It was an angel by artist Kelly Rae Roberts, sent by an anonymous guardian angel, one who knew that my greatest dream was to put words to paper and write a book that included parts of my own experiences as a mother.

I hung the angel on the wall above my bedside table where I would see it upon awakening each day and before going to sleep each night. Its quiet message encouraged me toward bravery and creativity all the long months of writing my book and, later, trying to get it published.

Tell your story.

Awhile back I planned that I would put up photos of my angel when I announced my book's release. But then I forgot. Oops! So I'm doing it now.

It seems fitting to revisit my angel today.

1 comment:

Rita said...

Oh is it just KILLING YOU not knowing who sent it?

I'd be getting that sucker dusted for prints : )