Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Break From Some Things, Not a Break From Others

I promise a real blog post is coming soon.

My children are on spring break and thus I'm on "vacation" from non-SAHM-related work this week. Let me tell you, it's a real luxury to be able to "just" mother and run the household this week rather than mother, run the household, and do all the other things I do as a writer and blogger and wellness-coaching-practice-developer.

We've been having loads of fun and I've absolutely cherished the things we've done so far this week: hosted playdates, painted our nails, made cookies, attended a magic show, watched movies, visited a giant playground in a nearby Mississippi River-bluffs town, enjoyed ice cream at Dairy Queen, had an outdoor dolly tea party, read chapters of Anne of Green Gables aloud, created sidewalk-chalk obstacle courses on the driveway, and just hung out together.

But I understand that I've been largely absent here, and for that I apologize. I do have some other things to say, and those will be coming soon. But until then, here's an image and quote I found on Pinterest this morning, that I love immensely. It truly sums up the values I try to instill in my daughters, how I try to treat others, and the way I try to live in the world. Don't you love it too?


Rita said...

Love love love this!

(and so glad you're having a good week!)

Mnmom said...

I took one day off to be with the kids. The teens had their own plans so Lina and I went shopping downtown. It was lovely. While the younger years you have now are also wonderful, the stage my girls are at is equally delightful. You can have actual conversations with them, and they like COFFEE DRINKS!!!