Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Easter Bunny

This is the exact text of a letter Genevieve wrote this morning and handed to me on a plain piece of paper:

Hello, Easter Bunny,

(see you soon!) I bet you will give me more things than this (Remember, you don't have to) I'm just wondering if you could Give me a iPod. if you think i'm to little for it, that's just fine. I'm just wondering. You do not have to Give me an iPod.

Your friend, Genevieve

Never mind that a.) she hardly knows what an iPod is; and b.) she does not listen to nor know of any musicians beyond Raffi, Dan Zanes, and Justin Roberts. Overlooking the fact that I do not believe young children need iPods and in fact I believe young children should not be getting iPods, which are expensive and a luxury, this letter is so heartbreakingly polite and sweet I can hardly stand it.

I sort of wish she could stay five years old forever.


Penelopedia said...

So sweet. Are letters to the Easter Bunny a tradition at your house, or was this her own idea?

Shannon said...

Oh, this was all her idea. I definitely do NOT encourage additional written requests for toys (besides Santa, I mean)! :) It seems rather presumptuous, does it not? ;)