Monday, March 12, 2012

Off to Tea

annual tea party; ages 5 and 7

On Saturday the girls and I went to my amazing friend Laura's annual mother-daughter tea party. We've been going to this tea party--which is fancy and formal, with a real tea service and the best darjeeling tea and all sorts of goodies like currant scones with creme fraiche that Laura makes herself--since both my babies were in diapers. Laura is a fantastic cook and a gracious hostess; she leaves no detail unplanned. All my best local girlfriends are always in attendance, with their daughters, who are my daughters' closest playmates. We look forward to it all year. Our memories of Laura's mother-daughter tea parties during my girls' childhoods will be among our most treasured for the rest of our lives, I just know it.

The photo above was snapped just before we left for the party. It's rare to find a photo that includes me along with my children--I'm usually the one snapping the pics, of course--AND everyone's smiling, so I figured I'd better post this one. We fancy ladies had a wonderful time.


Rita said...

Oh I love this! In Oklahoma you'd have to wear fancy hats to the tea party : )

Shannon said...

Ooh, hats! That would be wonderful. :) I love it. I think I would like the South.