Friday, March 02, 2012

Scenes From a Meltdown

She's astute, this one.

As every parent knows, sometimes the only way to survive a young child's tantrum is to laugh. That was made considerably easier than usual this week with the following quotes from Genevieve, each spouted in wailing, screaming sobs, mid-meltdown:

"Everybody hates me! Even Santa!"

and, in response to my telling her that "There's always tomorrow to play," when she was crying about having to go to bed (and therefore, end her playtime):

"You always say there's always tomorrow! Not if I die, there isn't! One day you'll be WRONG!"

(About the latter: Oh my.)

Carry on, fellow warriors.

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Rita said...

Laughed out loud.

Oh kids. Whattayagonnado?