Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is How I'm Going to Write My Next Book.

Both my girls love to write books--like, they sit down with pencils and stacks of paper and, over the course of days or weeks, hand-print pages and pages of original story, with illustrations to match. Genevieve once wrote one that was something like 12 chapters long.

The best part about Genevieve's writing method is that she chooses her book title, and all her chapter titles, prior to deciding on a book topic, characters, or plot line. In other words, she matches her story, later, to the title and chapter titles she's written down before. She actually gets mad at you if, in answer to her (apparently rhetorical) question, "What should my title be?" you say to her, "Well, what is your story going to be about?"

She always starts with a nice long table of contents. And the chapter titles are beyond awesome. It is hilarious to me that she just thinks of random titles and then makes up a part of the story to fit each one. And yet, each chapter has a snappy, appealing title--the kind that makes you want to delve right into the book.

Here's an example of some of her great chapter titles. These are taken from her current work's table of contents:

1. The Rotten Junk
2. The Best Part
3. Rock n Roll!
4. Getting First Prize
5. The Restaurant
6. The Candlelight
7. The Trip Around the World
8. Open House

I mean, don't you want to read that book? It sounds really interesting, doesn't it?


Rita said...

I cannot get past how freakishly smart your children are.

And yes, I totally want to read that book.

Mnmom said...

I'll preorder it!
At age 4, Jean drew a very long book on illustrations and nouns, and called it "The Telling".

That photo of Vivi makes me glad I'm not the barista trying to get her coffee drink just right.

Shannon said...

@Mnmom: I know, right?! (ha...)