Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That's One Expensive Owie.

Yesterday I spent $50 on my five-year-old's hangnail. She had developed some kind of freaky infection in her thumb which our pediatrician theorized was probably a hangnail or over-bitten thumbnail that was then invaded by bacteria from school or playing outside. It was $35 for the co-pay at the doctor's office, and $15 to get the prescription oral antibiotics she needs to take for a week.

This may be the perfect illustration of how parenthood alters your financial life: be all proud of how you saved a jillion dollars by not running the gas fireplace last winter, then get a $50 bill for a hangnail on your five-year-old's thumb.


Rita said...

Ugh. I hate when that happens. (the expense...although Hangnails suck too I suppose)

Mnmom said...

Yep. That about sums it up. Start socking away money now for all the checks you'll write to the High School.

Once Jean had an infected belly button. Who gets an infected belly button???