Monday, April 16, 2012

Time Does Not Stop Passing, Not Even for Sentimental Moms. Discuss.

Just a few thoughts for this rainy, stormy, tornado-y early morning. (Actually, the severe weather and tornadoes that dogged us last evening and overnight are gone. In their place is a forecast that includes words like "50% chance of snow" and "high of 45 degrees" and "winds gusting to 30+mph.)

I have been crazy busy. We had the big literacy fair at my daughters' school late last week:

She read her poem out loud with a microphone in front of the whole school at the end of the evening.

Then my mother-in-law came to visit (and is still here), Christopher's birthday was on Friday (homemade cake, yo), and both my daughters plus the cat developed strange medical afflictions. (Genevieve: infected thumb; Julia: mysterious swollen gland on one side of her neck; cat: hyperactive thyroid disorder which has caused her to become seriously underweight, requires pill twice a day). I keep thinking and saying that life is calming down and I'm going to relax now, but the reality is, life never calms down for moms. (Must. Keep. Reminding. Self.)

I have scheduled four more book readings for upcoming weeks. Two are at moms' clubs in the suburbs north of my town, two are at coffeehouses in a town a couple of hours away from here. Oh, and remember my hometown paper, the one that did a feature on me and my book and put the story on the homepage of their online version? Well, my mom wasn't exaggerating when she told me that in the print version, it took the entire front page of the relevant section of the paper:

Where is the last word of the book's title? It's a mystery.

Crazy, you all! Wow.

Lastly, I am starting to get a horrible sad-stomachache over the sudden, shocking realization that there is only a month and a half left in the school year. This is horrible not for the reason you may suspect. I happen to adore summer vacation with my daughters; I'm the crazy mom who wishes it was more than three months long. But six weeks left of the second grade and (especially) kindergarten? Is the universe trying to break my heart? In six weeks my children will be on their way to the THIRD--which seems so, so "big kid"--and FIRST GRADES (i.e., my last baby goes to all-day school for the first time, never to be home with me during the school year for any part of the day again, and will be a big six-year-old by the time she climbs the school bus next September, which, as every mom will understand, makes me want to cry with my head in my hands).

So there's all that. Which is plenty.

Edited to add: I am reminded of what my friend Amy always says: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." I will be smiling an awful lot at the end of kindergarten and second grade.


Mom said...

I noticed the lack of the word "Manual" in the newspaper as well, but the images of the book cover on the left side of your blog don't show it either. Must be something with the color and how it doesn't show up in photography! Anyway, good publicity for a good read!

Shannon said...

They show it in my browser! Must be some odd glitch in whatever browser you are using to see my blog; and who knows why it was ommitted in the newspaper. Perhaps an error in the jpeg I got from my publisher to send to the paper.

Rita said...

So happy. The book is still getting good press

And who the heck is that GROWN WOMAN in that picture?? Holy cow she"s GROWN!!

Mnmom said...

Well you know what I'd say. Mine leave for college in the Fall. As we go through photos of their childhood it all seems so very NOW. It all happened just yesterday.

Mnmom said...

Well you know what I'd say. Mine leave for college in the Fall. As we go through photos of their childhood it all seems so very NOW. It all happened just yesterday.

Christopher Tassava said...

My theory about the missing word is that the article is on the author, "the Essential Stay at Home Mom," not the book itself. They're trying to say that you're the coolest. On which we can all agree.

Heidi Mann said...

Yes, I think Christopher nailed it about the "missing" word. Greg just said the same thing -- and he's used to doing that sort of graphic-designer-plays-with-the-image-to-make-something-new stuff.