Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another Reading, and a Great List

Hi there. Just an ordinary day.

This morning Genevieve and I are off to a moms' group in a Twin Cities suburb, where I've been invited to read from my book. Because she's not in school until the afternoon, Genevieve has to come along, but she's done this before. I pack her a little tote bag of coloring books, plain paper, markers and pencils, a snack, and the like, and she sits nearby and keeps herself busy while I read. (I would have arranged childcare with a friend for her this morning, but I'm not sure if I can get back to town in time to assure that lunch and school drop-off won't get messed up for others; I'm bringing a lunch along for her to eat in the car just in case, and if I have to bring her to school late, I'll do that.) Even though she's good at entertaining herself, this isn't her favorite thing to do. I bribed her with a treat from a coffee drive-thru as soon as we're done.

The truth is, I'll really miss my little adventure buddy next year when she's in school all day.

Over the past couple of weeks when, due to computer troubles, I wasn't blogging very much, I did indeed still surf the web on my iPhone when bored or otherwise unoccupied. I saved up my best discoveries to share with you this week, and since I'm a little too busy today to compose a real post, I'll leave you with some of them today.

An amazing, heart-touching essay by Glennon at Momastery (who, if you're not reading already, you really should). Note: definitely follow the link in the post to read the essay she asks you to read before you finish the current post. There's a reason, and it will blow your mind.

Cookie dough recipes designed to be eaten as...cookie dough?! What the what?!

The most amazing nail polish color I have ever seen, from essie, of course. Style blogger Susan Wagner wore it to speak at last weekend's Mom 2.0 conference, and when I saw the photo of her with that manicure, I swooned. Truly. Those nails! Love.

A fantastic mommy-blog full of activity ideas for kids and families. This mom is unbelievable! She really has a talent for showcasing the most joyful and fulfilling aspects of motherhood, and stay-at-home motherhood in particular.

Oh, and how could I forget this amazing Philippines mama and her brilliant blog for work-at-home (and other) moms? Martine is currently reading my book and will post a review soon, and has connected with me via Facebook, so I'm enjoying getting to know her through her site. Check it out!

Lastly, friends, stay tuned--because I've been working on a fun guest post for the fabulous style site Already Pretty, whose author Sally McGraw is from nearby Minneapolis and has quite the following. I'll let you know when that goes up. Squee!

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Heidi Mann said...

I looked at Martine's blog. You and she sound like sisters, half a world apart! I can see where your book would be right up her alley, and likely much of her blog right up your alley! Cool! It's always so much fun in this global community to meet someone from such a different part of the world, and then discover you are more the same than different!