Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Challenge: Getting Dressed

Speaking of style, are you participating in mom-style-blogger Susan Wagner's 30 Day Get Dressed Challenge? I am! It all started here, and we're only on day three, so if you want to join, you really should jump in.

The challenge is all about truly getting dressed (which doesn't necessarily mean getting dressed up) for 30 days straight--wearing those cute pieces we all have stuck in our closets but so often pass by for old jeans or yoga pants because "all I'm doing is taking my kids to the park or doing laundry all day." Well, who says you can't look cute while doing laundry? Get dressed, mamas!

I won't go back and post my photos of my days one and two outfits, because the quality of those pictures is so ridiculously horrendous, but this morning Genevieve took the photos, and they're somewhat better (other than the over-exposure factor, yikes), so here you go. Keep in mind that I use my phone for taking pictures, don't know how to use Instagram yet, and don't know anything about photography, which is why the lighting is so terrible. Ignore that and focus ON THE CLOTHES. The clothes, people!

Target blouse, Old Navy cardigan, Land's End jeans, Target flats, J. Crew bangle

Again: so sorry about the lighting. In real life I am not that wan. Almost, but not quite. As you can see, my pieces are nothing special. They're budget-conscious basics, punched up with a little color here and there. I'm not exactly blazing any fashion trails here. But that's kind of the point. Dark jeans and a bright cardi may be just a notch above yoga pants and an old nursing top, but they're still above, so if you choose them, you can feel good about getting truly dressed--even if you're a stay-at-home mom with no meetings to go to beyond a park playdate.

So there you go. Getting dressed. It's fun! (Ask me again on day 28 or so...)

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tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I have been wearing a dress or a skirt every day I leave this house! And it's so fun and I feel great! I don't even have makeup on but put lipstick on and sunglasses. I LOVE IT! : ) Glad to have you back!