Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Dressed Challenge: Better Late Than Never

So today I didn't get dressed until three.

But wait! I have an excuse.

I woke up feeling decidedly unwell (there is a very short-lasting upset-stomach/headache virus going around my social circle and my daughter's kindergarten class). I stayed in yoga pants and a tank top all day, called in sick for volunteering, sent my kindergartner to school, downed some Tylenol, and took a long nap.

When I woke up, I felt better and the bus was due to come in a little while, so I pulled on chinos and a super casual and comfy, boho-style baby-doll top and stepped outside for the first time all day....into humid 80-degree hazy sun and 40 mph dusty winds. OK, then! On my way out I hastily snapped this pic in the bathroom mirror. Can't see the sandals. Can hardly see the chinos. Oh well--better than nothing, right? And better late than never?

Hand-me-down top, origin unknown; Old Navy Perfect Khakis, Merrell sandals (not shown)

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