Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get Dressed: Week Two

Yes, I'm still doing the 30-Day Get Dressed Challenge. I mean, sort of. It's not always fancy. Saturday, for instance, when I was in charge of four small children all day, supervising multiple outdoor activities in 85-degree heat and 40 mph winds, all "getting dressed" meant was a pair of chino shorts and a halter tank. I admit that for most of the day yesterday I just wore jeans and a PeaceLoveMom tee. I mean, it was cute, and I wasn't in pajama pants or anything truly slovenly, but...not exactly a well-curated outfit.

Today I'm on my own, running errands and cleaning and cooking and planning a birthday party. When I got dressed this morning, I didn't want to have to think about it. So I threw a dress over my head, added sandals and a bangle, and I'm set. I'm serious when I tell you all that dresses are perfect for busy moms. Trust me!

And now I am off to the SAHM's second home: Target. See you there?

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