Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Dressed to Go Somewhere and Cry (Real Title: Dressing on a Budget)

So. I'm still (sort of) doing Susan's 30 Day Get Dressed Challenge. I say "sort of" because I'm basically been dressing like I always do, which isn't really a challenge. Susan's original goal was not just to challenge everyone to get dressed in real clothes each day ("real clothes" = not pajamas and not workout clothes), but to actually wear those cute outfits or pieces that often hang in the closet waiting for the "right" occasion. The challenge was to avoid conserving cute outfits for an occasion that rarely (or never) comes, but instead view your daily life as worth looking nice--and dressing nicely--for.

The truth is, I get dressed in real clothes every day, unless I'm sick. And I don't have many (any?) items of clothing that I save for something special. That's probably because, as a stay-at-home mom for almost a decade now, I don't invest in dressy clothes that I won't wear frequently. I don't have any reason to. It's also because a.) I don't own that many clothes, and b.) I'm ten pounds over my "usual" weight over the past few years or so, and therefore some of my "cute" clothes don't fit. So I keep wearing what I usually wear--and right now a lot of that is clothing I've had for several years (before the post-weaning weight loss).

It's both good and bad, people.

But what I really wanted to do today was show you what I wore yesterday, for Genevieve's kindergarten graduation.

This, apparently, is what you wear to go out and cry. Details: dress, Kohl's, from about five years ago; cardigan, Old Navy, at least three years old; necklace, gifted; riding boots, JCPenney, about four years ago.

See? You CAN incorporate the spring 2012 trend of color into your daily style even if all your clothes date from your daughters' toddlerhoods.

And also: you can be a polished and pulled-together mom on a budget. Nothing I'm wearing up there cost more than $50, and that was the boots, on half-price clearance sale. The dress and cardi were under $20 each.

Are YOU getting dressed each day? How is it going?

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tricia*kushman*anderson said...

I too am getting dressed everyday. For the first two days the hubs kept asking "Where are you going?" "Why are you all fancy?" Now him and the kids are finally getting it!!! I've actually been on this path for a while but I amped it up. LOVE IT! Does a number on your self-confidence.