Saturday, May 05, 2012

I'm Back!

Hallelujah! I'm back. Or rather, my computer is back. I won't even tell you the ridiculous ending of the broken computer saga. It's too ridiculous to even spend further time on. Just know that for a week and a half, I had no computer, but now I do. So, I'm catching up on a few things.

I wanted to post these photos five days ago, of course, so they are late; but for my readers to whom the May 1st (May Day) tradition of May baskets is a foreign concept, here are a few pictures for you. I know the one with all the May baskets in my countertop wire fruit basket is silly, but I wanted to show you all what May baskets (can) look like, and I was too lazy to construct some sort of pretty still life.

We used a few different May basket containers, including cardboard party hats like this one, turned upside down to form a cone. (Others: small-sized spring-themed Ziploc bags printed with bunnies and flowers, plastic Cat in the Hat tumblers.)

The aforementioned silly still-life. Maybe you can't see too well, but this was part of my daughters' May Day haul: Dixie cups, flowered gift bags, plastic cups, and paper cones, filled with things like bubbles, Tootsie Pops, Starbursts, Hershey's kisses, sidewalk chalk, and flower seeds. (The next morning we also discovered a pansy seedling in a miniature flower pot outside our door, with a Happy May Day! note attached.)

At school, the 2nd grade made paper May baskets for each other and exchanged them; Julia made me a May Day card and put it inside the basket she received at school, presenting it to me when she got off the school bus. The card says:

"Mama, Have a very happy May Day! You are gourgeus, gracious, loving, and caring. [Only you can change us!--Julia]

Um, yes, I will be keeping that forever. (And no, I don't know for sure what that last sentence means.)


Mom said...

There is very little more precious than those early hand-made gifts and cards from your children! I'm glad to see that even my no-clutter-ever daughter is sentimental enough to save a few things!!

Shannon said...

I have a very simple rule: I keep what's IMPORTANT. If it's just an object, or if it's the 1,000th random picture I've had drawn for me since my children were born, it's gone.